Are You Too Busy to Spend Time at Christ’s Feet?

Justus Musinguzi

A story is told about a grandmother who was a wonderful hostess with a special gift of hospitality. Her children and grandchildren considered her home to be the best place to plan any kind of family party because she was not only an amazing hostess but she was also an excellent cook.

In her attempt of making everyone happy during family parties, you would find her super busy all the time offering chairs for everyone to sit on, racing around the kitchen to get more food for those who needed to refill their plates, and asking if anyone needed anything.

Over time, this grandmother's care for her children and grandchildren became something they didn't appreciate because it kept her too busy and pre-occupied with serving to the extent that she couldn’t find time to sit down and spend in true fellowship with them.

Sometimes our relationship with God can look like this. We become so engrossed in doing so many things that we become distracted and fail to spend time in communion with God. We fail to find to sit at Jesus's feet and listen to God's word through Bible reading and talking to him in prayer.

There is a character in the Bible that is very much like this grandmother. Her name is Martha. Let us read Luke 10:38-42 and see what the Bible tells us all about her.

Let us pray.

O Lord, grant us the grace to contemplate with ever-increasing devotion the mysteries of your heavenly wisdom revealed to us in this passage, for your glory and our edification. We ask this in Christ's name. Amen.

So the key question that I want to ask you today is this: Are You Too Busy to Spend Time at Christ’s Feet?

Are you able to set aside some time to spend at Christ's feet, listening to his word through Bible reading and communing with him through prayer, or are you too preoccupied and distracted by other activities?

From the passage of scripture we have read, I want us to look at two things:

• The distracted Martha
• Lessons we can Learn from Martha.

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