Christmas: A Public Demonstration of God's Marvelous Grace Shining in the Darkness of Sinful Humanity!

Christmas does not just introduce us to the baby in the Manger, but it takes us to the beginning of all things and reminds us of what has gone wrong with the world as we see it today. Christmas also brings us to the identity and the ministry of Jesus, and takes us all the way to the consummation of all things and to the return of Jesus Christ, when he restores and establishes everything back to something, even much better than the paradise of Eden.

In the genealogy of Christ in Matthew 2, right in the preamble of the birth of Jesus, you do not only see his coming, but you see his going. You do not only see his being born, but you also see his death on the cross. You do not only see his ministry, but you also see the outcome of what people become as a result of Christ's ministry.

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A Two Gentlemen's Encounter with Jesus

In this message, I want to draw your attention to two gentlemen from the scripture, whose lives were turned around by the Lord Jesus Christ. When these men encountered Christ, their lives were never the same again.  And this same Jesus who never leaves the same things the same, who never leaves the same person the same, who can never leave the circumstances where he finds you the same: is the one I will be sharing with you.

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